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As we continue the release from Lockdown, many of us are looking forward to the further easing of restrictions – getting our hair cut, going to the pub, having a meal out and being able to travel and stay over in accommodation.
For all areas of our work and leisure life now, we have new practices in place to ensure that we are all as safe as possible. There will be ongoing measures and anxieties evident as we return to a more normal way of life.

Hotel accommodation or…
None more so than in the accommodation industry. According to the World Health Organisation; ’ hotels are no more susceptible to contagion than other public establishments visited by large numbers of people who interact among themselves and with employees’.
This is the point and a concern to many – Hotels are designed for that very purpose; accommodating large numbers where guests stay in close cohabitation and where there is a high degree of interaction among guests and workers.
It is these aspects – accommodating guests along with the services (food and beverage, cleaning, activity organisation etc.) as well as the environment (Reception, breakfast room, restaurant, bars, lifts, corridors, stairs, buffets & serving receptacles, refreshment machines) which will mean that cleaning and housekeeping are imperative. Whilst hotels will be looking at these areas and how they can meet the challenges, apprehensions remain.

…….Serviced Apartments
However there are alternatives. Oakwood (a leading serviced apartments and hospitality management company) promote serviced apartments globally.
Their CEO, Dean Schreiber said, “The world has changed and we must stay vigilant in controlling the realities of a global pandemic….the focus is on more than cleaning and hygiene, it is a holistic approach to giving our guests a safe sanctuary to call home.”
Medical experts agree that the safest accommodations are the ones with the fewest touch points, and a private residence is safer than a hotel. In a serviced apartment, guests can maintain the safety protocols they have implemented at home.

DBS Serviced Apartments
The DBS Serviced Apartments and houses in the East Midlands offer private, safe accommodation as guests can:
• Cook meals – reducing the need for dining out or ordering take out.
• Wash their own clothing and towels (if they wish as a laundry service is provided) as often as they like – reducing the risk of exposure to the virus.
• Clean and disinfect the property as often as they want for additional peace of mind
• Avoid lots of other people! – by having their own space in their own property.
With a dedicated single Housekeeper to each property, DBS guests are not exposed to multiple members of staff who, in turn, have been exposed to multiple guests and collegues.
Each property is deep cleaned and sanitised following each departure – every room, every surface, every touch point – every time.
Why stay in a hotel with lots of people, lots of touch points and lots of risk – when you can have your own private, safe and sanitised space in a serviced apartment?

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