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My name is Emily Johnston and I used to be the Sales & Marketing manager for DBS Managed Offices. I left in 2016 to pursue my academic career and have been working on my PhD since 2017. Whilst I still pop in occasionally to support DBS, I often come in to work on my thesis regularly. I have an office at my University (University of Nottingham) but prefer to work on a ‘Co-Working’ basis at DBS, so here is why!


The journey….

Getting from Derby to Nottingham should take about 30-35 minutes, however I am yet to make the journey during peak times (right after I drop my children at school) in less than 60 minutes! I work within the school hours so only really have 9:30-2:45 to work – you can imagine that an additional 1hr of my day on travel has an impact. Going to Castle Donington is a simple drive down the A50 and takes roughly 20 minutes. When I get to DBS, as a Co-Worker I can park in the grounds – for free! AT Uni, I have to fight to get a car park pass, and then pay for the privilege of using said pass! There’s plenty of parking, so I also do not waste a further 30 minutes driving around to find a free spot!


The Space…..

At DBS the Co-Working space is already set up and ready to go, I have a phone, internet connection and office furniture all ready to go. There’s no messing around trying to log into a network, I simply plug in and get going. There’s also the onsite support, just look at these happy faces ready to greet you on arrival! When I’m working from DBS I feel part of a community, so if I’m stuck on a chapter and need a break, there’s always a sympathetic smile or word of encouragement!


The Perks…

So as a student, and a single parent, I cannot express how vital coffee is to my daily ability to function! My favourite part of DBS is this magic little fountain of happiness, my liquid gold, oh glorious caffeine (you get where I’m going with this? I really, really, love coffee) and it’s included! I visit the coffee machine several times during the working day to keep my brain topped up, if I were at Uni I think I would spend roughly £10.50 for my usual 5 cups of coffee a day! I also appreciate the lovely scenery, on nice days it’s great to be able to take a quick break outside, it also makes a difference to look out of your window and see such a glorious landscape! There is also the use of a kitchenette; microwave, toaster, fridge, freezer – I save money on buying le to use these facilities. All of this and there’s still more, although I have printing facilities at Uni, I like how easy it is to use the DBS printers, I only need to print text and basic images and they print within seconds at DBS, rather than needing a whole engineering degree to work the printers (I’m exaggerating, but I’m a bit of a techno-phobe, easy as possible please!), there’s also the use  of showers if I’m heading out straight after work (sorry guys, no photo, it’s not Halloween just yet!). Plus, if the weathers bad and I need to escape an office environment there’s always the bistro area!

I can highly recommend DBS Co-working to anyone needing a productive and friendly work environment!