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Whose choose a business address package?What is a business address package and why is it important?

We take a look at The current covid climate and the internet have opened doors for remote working, paving the way for anyone to work remotely from their home or a different location.

For instance, your workstation could be in your garage or spare room, and it might work well to begin with, but as your business grows, you’ll need a professional appearance to reinforce your business image.

A virtual business address is something that allows you to work remotely whilst enabling your business to carry a professional image.

It offers the many benefits of a physical address but without an actual workspace or desk.

In this article, we have jotted down the advantages of using a virtual address so you can decide for yourself.

Business Credibility:

The main aspect of customer relationship is ‘trust’ and it plays a major role in marketing. A professional address increases the credibility of your business than a residential one does. If you’ve just started your business, chances are your potential customers might not know who you are or what you offer. If you have a business address in a familiar location, your customers get the positive feel about your business, which in turn develops trust.

For instance, a prestigious address in a sought-after location, imparts a sense of status to your business. It supports your brands impression among suppliers and customers, which is crucial for its longevity.


The Companies House Act 2006 requires all UK businesses to provide and display their registered office address. If your business is registered in the UK, it is mandatory to display your registered address on your website or any other marketing/promotional emails that you send.

Let’s say you register your business under your residential address, which means anyone/everyone will know where you reside. They might even follow you up through Google Street view or even show up at your property without invitation or prior notice.  A virtual address helps you avoid all such troubles/inconveniences and allows you to keep your private life separate.

Search Engine Optimisation:

We all know how competitive the business world is. We must fight for elbow room in our niche sector and use all the tools we can to climb the SEO ladder to get our business to the top of the search engine rankings.

Should your business website have no business address listed, then you will have little chance of being discovered by any of the major search engines. This is even more relevant if your business operates on a local community level where your main customers are right on your own doorstep.

What is also important to remember is that without a proper business address, your business will not show up on Google Maps. Lots of potential customers like to have a visual representation of where their local business search results are. If you don’t have a pin in the map, your business will be invisible in the search results.

No more spam/marketing post:

In addition to just an address, at DBS you also receive an exceptional Reception team at your office location, when you opt for a virtual address. You receive a mail handling service, so you don’t have to worry about separating important letters from the junk ones yourself. Also, you can make use of our mail forwarding service and keep on top of all your important mails.

Avoid disruptions:

If you are a business owner who travels a lot, then an address service would be the right option for you. You can stay confident as all official mails will be received and promptly sorted. All you must do is, let the reception team know and arrange for the mails to be scanned or emailed to your other address.

Secondly, if you know that you’ll be moving to a different location soon, using a business address service provides durability to your business. Otherwise, it’ll be a chore for you to deal with the basics including informing your regular clients, updating company stationery, and so on.

With virtual business address terms, your service provider will take care of forwarding mails to your current address. It simply means that even if you move to a different place, you’ll still be receiving important post.

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