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Organising a successful meeting involves planning and ensuring everyone gets the most out of their time. Here’s a breakdown of the key steps:

Define the Purpose and Goals: What do you want to achieve in this meeting? Is it to brainstorm ideas, make decisions, or provide updates? A clear purpose keeps the meeting focused and efficient.                                                                                              Invite the Right People: Only invite those who directly contribute to the meeting’s goals. A smaller group allows for better discussion and avoids wasting people’s time.
Schedule and Location:
Find a time that works for most attendees and a location that’s accessible and facilitates the meeting format (e.g., conference room for presentations). Central if people are coming from all over the UK.
Create and Share an Agenda:
An agenda outlines the topics to be covered, allocates time for each, and can include pre-reading materials if needed. Distribute it beforehand so attendees can come prepared.
Run the Meeting
Effectively: Start on time, stick to the agenda, and facilitate discussion to ensure everyone participates. Summarise key points and next steps throughout the meeting.
Set a Time Limit:
Respect everyone’s time by keeping the meeting concise and focused.
Prepare a back-up Plan:
Have a plan B in case of technical difficulties or unexpected delays.
Follow Up with Notes: Send a summary of the meeting with action items and deadlines to all attendees.
Get feedback:
After the meeting, ask attendees for feedback on how it could have been improved, including the location. This feedback will help you to plan more effective meetings in the future.

By following these steps, you can organise meetings that are productive and keep your team on track. #dbsmanagedoffices #meetings #centraluk #tech-enabled #videoconferencing

See our meeting rooms in the heart of the country:       

Meeting room facilities at DBS Centres

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