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You or your staff spends a lot of time working so the right environment matters for a happy, productive workforce. 6 tips for the right office surroundings are:

1. Natural light
There are physical and environmental benefits to having natural light. Buildings enjoying high levels of natural light are literally more successful than those more reliant on artificial light. It is proven that natural light helps to prevent eye strain, SAD and headaches. Natural light helps to stimulate creativity, energy levels and boost productivity. There really is no better vitamin than vitamin D. Choose an office with windows and open the blinds!

2. Colour
Different colours stimulate different areas of the mind and they can be used to great effect in an office. Having a bland work space can result in a bland work force. Have colour around on walls, floors, fittings.

3. Being cool
Around 50% of people suffer from reduced productivity if temperatures exceed 25 degrees Celsius, according to studies. Colder conditions can result in lower productivity too. Having a controllable atmosphere is important.

4. Follow your nose
The Takasago Corporation in Japan conducted research that found that certain scents improve typing accuracy. 54% made fewer mistakes when they could smell lemon, 33% fewer with jasmine and 20% with lavender. Plug in air fresheners really can help.

5. Be green
Having living plants in and around the office can increase people’s attention span, reduce stress and improve productivity. Some studies have even found that they help reduce absence by up to 50% and minor illnesses by as much as 33%.

6. Space
Ensuring people don’t feel confined is essential. Having break out areas, seating areas outside of the office and grounds where  they can get fresh air are excellent for ensuring a balance of work space and break space, to make it more dynamic, therefore improving wellbeing and boosting creativity.

You don’t have to look far to get all of the above and more. At dbs managed offices, we work hard to ensure we create the perfect environment in which to work as well as represent your business.